Got the Q's? I've got the A's. 


Im ready to get started, now what?
Whether your looking for graphic work or a sign, the process is simple. If you're already on my site the best way to get in contact with me is to fill out the contact form here. Once you send over your info, we'll start a conversations about your project and when I can schedule you in. Once deposits and/or contracts are squared away its full steam ahead! 

Do you require a deposit to get started?
This depends on the project. All custom work does require a deposit (typically 50%) to confirm we're both serious. Lets chat more!

Can you remind me what branding (print) items you can design?
Lots! Logo's, business cards, flyers, brochures, sell sheets, powerpoint/keynote presentations, technical documents, fillable forms... the list really goes on. If it can be printed, I can design it. I also design for the web!

Do you custom design signs if I have an idea?
Yes. Most of my sign work is custom, whether it is 100% custom from start to finish or a rework of a sign I've made in colours you choose. I'm always open to new designs - message me to discuss!


What kind of wood do you use?
My go to wood is Canadian Pine. This wood is lightweight and cost effective for you and me. While this is my standard, I can paint on any wood. Poplar is also a favourite of mine but is heavier and costs more per inch. Wood slice signs are painted on Basswood. I can sometimes get my hands on other wood slices such as ash, red oak and birch. 

What colours of paint can I choose from?
All custom designs are made in your choice of paint colour. I have a huge variety of colours that I will post in the near future for reference. Odds are also that if I don't have the colour you're looking for - I will buy it. 

Do your signs come with any clear coat?
As standard, all signs come with some sort of clear coat. Depending on the sign, I will select either a clear wax finish or Varathane satin clear finish. These clear coats protect your sign from minor damages and make cleaning a breeze! Wax also makes your sign silky smooth. 

Do you use vinyl/stencils to make your signs?
NO VINYL. NO STENCILS. Each sign is hand-painted as I love painting and the handmade look it gives my signs. Most of the time I have the design sketched out on the wood in chalk so I know where to paint to keep the design as close to the proof you've signed off on as possible. Even with this guide, all signs are still 100% hand-painted.