Name Change: Introducing...

Some of you may have noticed a slight name change last week to my business. This is being made official today by introducing a new logo and look starting right here on my website and on Facebook.

I've known for a while that another lady (in Ontario) has named her company the same name as my business. Although we operate two different businesses with different services offered, I've had a few of my clients accidentally contact her instead of myself leading to some confusion. To put this confusion to rest, I've decided to change my business name.

Although this is a slight change, it will still differentiate myself from "the competition."  I struggled the past few months trying to decide what to change my business name to. With my businesses name expiring, I had the open opportunity to change it to ANYTHING. Do I change my name slightly or completely?

The final decision came down to "Pixels & Timber" and "Bre Creative Design Co." Although I LOVE the name Pixels & Timber, in the end I felt like it was too much of a change from my original name. So many people remember me and love my name because it has "Bre" in it (my name) and love the play on words of "be creative". A select few of you helped remind me of this - I thank you for giving me your valuable input!

This being said, I finally landed on the new name and really feel like it works to include the new side of my business: woodworking. "Bre Creative" to me meant to cover all of the graphic design work that I intended and started my business doing. Over the past couple years while starting my business full time, I discovered my love for also designing physical pieces like wood. A wedding later, a few craft sales and opening and Etsy store I really do feel like I'm more than just a creative agency. Adding "Design Co." to the name rounds it out and encompasses both aspects of my business, neither of which I would ever give up. 

To those of you that that I work with on a regular basis - nothing has changed except the small addition to my business name. All emails, phone numbers, websites etc will remain the same. I will however be contacting all existing customers over the next few weeks and notifying them individually of the name change so they can update the information on their systems. 

If you however have any questions or concerns - please feel free to contact me at any time.